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Why do some images hold the viewers attention?

This painting "self, me, mine" is a still life, but with a difference. I am interested in how the artist can convey themselves, not as a self-portrait, but using a still-life. I have been very selective in my choice. The succulent plants I adore for the sculptural shapes and the motifs behind are from collected or treasured objects residing in my studio. Notice also the reference to the natural, shells, feathers and plants. Nature restores me. The colours are also chosen with care. I am especially drawn to the colour "turquoise". Interestingly Picasso thought it a colour of depth. The other colour is pink. I wear it a lot. So, even though you see no face, I am telling you about me.

This painting particularly, has had so many views on pinterest that it has lead me to believe, that indeed, some paintings just keep the viewer looking for that bit longer, or manages to attract viewers because of how personal and different it is.

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