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"Gone past the hour"

This painting has been chosen to appear as the Editors Choice in The Artist Magazine, January issue.

`Gone Past the Hour' copy.jpg

The majority of my work comes from direct observation which is usually created in the sketchbook. I was particularly drawn to paint this image of my dinning room due to the soft, subtle, warmth sunlight of the autumn afternoon playing upon the mirror and walls and decided to create a small watercolour study directly onto watercolour paper. I prefer to have the actual physical presence of what I am painting rather than a photographic interpretation. The reason being I feel reality makes the artist use different thought-processing skills in order to make judgements about what to paint and how to paint it. It is exactly this process that I absolutely relish in my journey of making a painting. The problem solving! I almost delight when something unexpected happens, I enjoy the accidental happenings, that momentary loss of control. I am not usually drawn to yellow in paintings, however, it was the sunlight in the room that convinced me to pursue this as my dominant colour choice.

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