Sarah Ball is a Somerset-based artist. She qualified from The University of the West of England with a B.Ed. Hons degree in Art and Education.  She has travelled and worked in both America in Summer Camps and Australia, whilst backpacking in Nepal and Thailand and New Zealand. She has also worked for a large Blue Chip distribution company in design and publishing of business proposals. In 1998 she started a family.


Sarah takes most of her inspiration from walking, whether its the South West Coast Path or locally. Her work is intrinsically bound up in landscape.  Sarah's artistic practice centres on nature focusing on observation and process. 

She is represented by the A2 Gallery in Wells, having also been selected for shows by the RI, SWA, BSA and Cambridge Contemporary Gallery.

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Testimonials/Words to describe my work from my solo show in 2019:

‘untamed, boundless, passion and energy, rawness, imaginative, inventive, expressive, multi-layered, refreshing, stunning, confident, dream-like, other-worldly’.