IMG_20210802_154752 (2).jpg

© Copyright of  Sarah Ball, Somerset Artist.  Watercolour and other mixed media

"Light fading now"
60cm x 60cm
Framed - black tray frame

The route to the painting is a long one. Paintings are constructed from present day observations and memories. These are achieved through walking.  This is central to my practice. It sets me free to look, breathe and be engaged with my surroundings. Collected items inform the sense of place, a feather, acorns, pebbles, coupled with frottage of textures/symbols. I need to start with the specifics to give the work credibility. Building an intimate acquaintance with the land, it’s important for me to spend time sketching and observing both the places I go and the objects I collect. I never work from photographs. Instead I use the sketchbook, it releases my imagination. This takes me on an unknown journey and that is where the magic happens, that dialogue with the painting, allowing the paint to decide. I want to translate these feelings in my work, carve a voice of integrity. It is an accumulation of everything I am and do.


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