G  L  I  M  P  S  E

 A momentary or partial view

Exhibition @The Castle, Bude, North Cornwall



         T  H  E      S  O  U  T  H      W  E  S  T      C  O  A  S  T      P  A  T  H

 RUGGED    -     EVER-CHANGING    -    WILD    -     RAW    -    FORMIDABLE




The exhibition consisted of over 20 original mixed media “works on paper” and other supports, created by walking and sketching parts of the South West Coast Path and expanding ideas back in the studio.

Collected objects from nature which speak of place are incorporated into the work or referenced, along with the more unusual pieces found i.e. man-made.

Impressions and frottage (rubbings) from found plastic materials has created the textured surface. This intentional surface work is an “underlying” element to highlight pressure on the environment.

Interactive Pieces – (3D work) included in the exhibition.