Lockdown #3: Reflections in a very different part of the year, January and February. The days felt long. There felt the need to create a routine, to keep everything moving forward and purposeful, I found this in drawing. It grounded me, once again, and I found it my everyday pursuit.

Locality, once again, was key to my information. Maps, roads, farms, collecting items on my daily walks, back to thoughts of Lockdown number 1 & 2.

This A3 page has a front and back. It is a mixed media piece on heavy weight watercolour paper. Once again, text has played its part. Watercolour, graphite, gesso and charcoal with a cold-wax medium finish. It has been stitched into the collaborative book with other Somerset Artists to begin touring shortly.

 Instagram: @somerset_art_works #somersetreacquainted